Time On Target is tactical training for the modern shooter. Multiple opponents to choose from, numerous Courses of Fire, and built in audio that calls the drill for you. Grab your firearm, head to the range, and see if you have the speed to survive.

Training your shooting skills on the range is essential to tactical proficiency. The Time on Target app uses your smart phone as a shooting instructor to run you through various drills to improve both your speed and proficiency.

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Survival Mode

Abilities Mode

Bring your smart phone to the shooting range.
The app will use audio to call out drills; once you hear the buzzer, take your shot!
A built in shot timer will keep track of your times so you can see how fast you respond!

Time on Target features built in audio and shot timer technology.
The app runs you through numerous shooting drills
and keeps track of your times for you.

Listen to our first drill here

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    Downrange Idaho, currently under construction, will consist of a 100 acre premiere range facility with 23 bays up to 700 yards in length, an 1800 square foot shoot house and a 1 mile tactical track with live fire capacities. Our partners include MGM Targets, the steel target experts and Tactical Solutions, the best source for competitive shooters. We will be the Northwest's standard for 3 gun and Rimfire competitions.